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Amsterdam — safety of the client, above all
amstel amsterdam
The police department of Amsterdam prepares for release the special guidebook to city haunts of vice, the name corresponding — Police Red Light Guide.

The creation purpose — to give to travel of inquisitive visitors of capital of Holland wider coverage. Only from the guidebook you learn what to get marihuana or hashish — it is necessary only in specialised institutions for sale, and insistently it is recommended — never, remember — NEVER to use «black dealers».
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So, in number of that, than at all it is not necessary to be engaged in Amsterdam so it to use badly dressed street prostitutes, especially, if the geographic location is located on a considerable distance from "Street of red lanterns". It is quite probable, that they will want you to plunder, or, if not to plunder, to award with "exotic" illness, PRECISELY.

The police department of Amsterdam extremely intelligibly specifies in the guidebook of the address and the most convenient ways of arrival to points of nurseries of defect. Safety of the client and quality of given services — such is the state Netherlands motto.
Winter Amsterdam
In general, in Holland quite legally that everywhere and everywhere is forbidden. Prostitution, unisex relations is resolved, practically in any cafe to you various kinds of easy drugs, alcohol far not in everyone will be suggested (to tell by the way, on that the special licence) is necessary. Actually coffee there too will offer too, and to coffee you can order a heap of "tasty"...

All is not recommended at once on arrival immediately to go to a narcotic campaign or in a quarter of Red lanterns. While brains adequately perceive a reality — pay attention to tulips, royal parks, windmills, brewery Heiniken, bicyclists, museums.
Amsterdam night
By the way, museums here at every turn. So, for judges of painting: Rembrandt's state museum, Van Gogh's picture gallery and a municipal museum of Amsterdam.
A museum devoted sex too are available, however against live exhibits — impresses not especially.
Amsterdam city

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