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The Archipelago Belize

Flag Belize

Map BelizeIn a present independent air Belize exists all about quarter of the century — the South American dwarf hardly is more younger many of you.

It is possible to consider as the main oversight of local authorities name change — earlier Belize was called as British Honduras, and till now here with might and main use the Spanish language, dialects of tribes maya and Indians of Arawaks. 40% of territory of the state are national natural reserves. In coastal waters lives about 400 kinds of fishes and 70 kinds of corals.

Barrier Reef in Belize

Barrier Reef Belize

One of the main sights of Belize — the Barrier reef which lasts along coast on 298 km and is the longest barrier reef in the Western hemisphere. And in archaeological park once have found huge very long time ago the simulator of a man's genital hollowed by aboriginals from semiprecious breed onyx.

Belize: One Hundred Dollars

Belize One Hundred Dollars

To open here own bank, it is not required to you even personal presence — for 1140 euros all will be issued by the network schemer, you it is necessary to fill only elementary on-line the registration form.


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