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Portugal — thanks for port
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In Lisbon, traces of historical events are felt literally continually.
First, from the moment of opening by Columbus America (as consequence, tobacco popularisations), till today — Portugal is considered one of the most smoking countries in Europe. Here — it is almost so much tobacco stalls, how many pay phones, and in public toilets, quite often to meet the kind tablet "At us smoke!", with providently prepared ashtray.
Secondly, black ground coffee — actually national drink. Use round the clock...
Thirdly, the potato tubers, delivered Portugal all that Columbus, prepare in a boiled, fried, stewed and smoked kind.
Dish submit usually on a garnish, therefore, if do not specify which to submit — will submit mashed potatoes.
It is considered the core — fish.
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It is especially good a perch and a small sardine, but, be attentive with a cod: not for each cook allowed — to prepare from the dry salty small fish a juicy, appetizing dish though, the competent manager on this ability defines the cook for work.
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To a small fish, without fail order well-known white dry — Vinho Verde. Make wine from not quite ripe grapes (verde, in Spanish — green). Wanders directly in large bottles, therefore, it is possible to consider, that a drink — not aerated. Vinho Verde somehow in an especial way tones up and charges vital optimism.

Well and for a dessert it is accepted to treat visitors with the port, actually which native land Portugal is. In difference from wine port — dark red and improbably sweet. However, if you adhere to a rule not to mix spirits the cup of Lisbon coffee — is necessary very opportunely. Both that and another here — is divine.

Portugal — thanks for port {Portugal}