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Eurostar could not take passengers to London

Train Eurostar

Train Eurostar following from Paris to London, could not deliver passengers to destination, informs AFP early in the morning on Monday, on February, 22nd, referring to the British mass-media.

Off-schedule stop in a county Kent

On Sunday nearby 22:00 on local time the train has stopped near to Ashford (Kent, UK) and could not continue movement. For 740 passengers Eurostar it was necessary to send a spare train which has taken them to London. What is the time passengers have stayed in the stopped train and as long they reached destination, is not specified.

One of passengers stopped nearby Ashford has informed trains to channel Sky News, that after a stop in cars light is switched off and ventilation has ceased to work. Thus the interlocutor of the British TV channel has noticed, that passengers have easy concerned a supernumerary situation.

Technical malfunctions and suspicious luggage

On preliminary data, the technical malfunctions which character is not specified yet became the reason of a stop of a train nearby Ashford. Also it became known, that departure of other train Eurostar from station in Paris on Sunday late at night has been detained because of suspicious luggage.

On December, 18th, 2009 five trains Eurostar, plying between the Great Britain and continental Europe, have got stuck in a tunnel near La Manche. More than 2 thousand passengers of trains have stayed some hours in full darkness with the switched off ventilation and heating.
The cause of accident had been named bad weather conditions — record frosts for the Western Europe. On one of versions, because of a difference of temperatures in a tunnel and on a surface the condensate which has put trains out of action was formed.

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