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Musical Pavilion by Soma Architects

Vanguard house

Biennale 2011: Salzburg, Austria

This unusual music pavilion for Biennale 2011 (Salzburg, Austria) was created by Austrian architectural studio «Soma». The vanguard house becomes the central venue of various actions — concerts and meetings, musical acts and art performances.

The metaphorical architecture of pavilion is subordinated to the same rules and rhythms, as an delightful piece of music in the ancient amphitheater. Exterior of pavilion changes depending on various weather conditions, remoteness of a location looking, and also the illumination naturally regulated by a current of days. The sun, clouds and passers-by are dynamically reflected in surfaces of smooth metal components of an external skeleton.

Musical pavilion
Metal components
Metal skeleton
Salzburg, Austria

The inside layer of a musical haven — the tent, executed from a white fabric, which will protect visitors from unpredictability of weather conditions. The pavilion premise receives enough of a natural daylight which almost fully makes the way through porous external structure and a snow-white fabric of the tent.


Musical Pavilion by Soma Architects {tent}