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The AquaDom [Berlin, Germany]

Radisson SAS Hotel

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The AquaDom was created for hotel Radisson SAS Hotel (Germany, Berlin). The huge 25-meter aquarium are functioning as the operating lift which carries tourists and lodgers of unique hotel.

The AquaDom contains about one million liters of water and for cleaning in hotel staff two skin-divers constantly work. Besides it, mass population of the small fishes living in this aquarium is constantly multiplied. The big aquarium is constructed of the special glass (thickness of walls more than 20 cm).

AquaDom Radisson SAS Hotel (Berlin)

AquaDom Radisson SAS Hotel
AquaDom Berlin
Aqua Tower

It's known that for building of it of "the Underwater Hotel" has been paid approximately 12,8 million euro. But now each interested person can reserve a hotel room with a kind on an aquarium, and enjoy kingdom of the Neptune all days and nights.

Radisson SAS Hotel: AquaDom

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