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London in 30 years
London of the future: steel bends of a public monorail, dirigible balloons instead of omnibuses, lawns instead of asphalt and contactless card Barclay Oyster instead of tickets.
The concept "Welcome to the future" for advancement Barclay Oyster was offered by London agency BBH.

London in the near future

For a visual embodiment the art director of agency Philip Rook has chosen such specific stylistic reception as matte painting, widely applied in the film industry.
Sources matte painting leave in days of Gold Hollywood when there was a requirement for scale fantastic panoramas. Artists drew unreal landscapes on glasses which it was imposed over an initial material. Today in style matte painting create, certainly, by means of computer programs.

For work on cloths of London the famous masters matte painting Jean-Marie Vives and Mathieu Raynault have been invited.


London UK

New London

I Love London!

It is impossible to tell, that Vives and Raynault have cardinally changed shape of London. On the contrary, all essence of the project in that modern city landscapes have been recognised at first sight, but got shape of future.

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London in 30 years + UK