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Richard Branson and the Hotel Business

Businessman Richard Branson

The British businessman Richard Branson, whose Virgin airline carries tourists on all globe (and will soon work and behind its limits), expands sphere of action in the travel market. Now the billionaire intends to be engaged in hotel business.

Luxury Hotels by Virgin

Branson & Partners intends to open a network of expensive Virgin Hotels in the main US cities, such as: New York, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles. For this enterprise within three years it will be enclosed half-billion dollars.

As experts believe, Sir Branson has correctly timed intrusion on the luxury hotels market. In comparison with last year the revenue of hotels in the USA has increased, and in process of economic revival, demand for comfortable and luxury rest will grow only.

Richard Branson at Bellagio (Las Vegas)

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Richard Branson and the Hotel Business + Virgin