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The Collapse of Canada in 30 days: Ubisoft’s latest campaign walks the line between fiction and reality

Ubisoft is excited to unveil the first episode in its three-part documentary series called "INFECTED", created in partnership with VICE Media. 'INFECTED' is inspired by the themes of Tom Clancy’s The Division-- especially the reality of what would happen if a pandemic were to hit Canada.

Ubisoft is also happy to announce the Fall of Canada campaign to bring gamers closer to the universe and excitement of The Division. Going live from February 2 - March 1 at, this will be an online artistic contest which will invite artists of all abilities to re-create scenes and visuals inspired by Tom Clancy's The Division. Fans can upload a picture of their artwork to for a chance at awesome prizes from Ubisoft Canada.

Press: Ubisoft Canada partners with VICE Media for a documentary series inspired by Tom Clancy’s The Division® and offers a collaborative experience with the Fall of Canada campaign

MONTREAL, CANADA – January 21, 2016 – A country ripped apart by a devastating pandemic. A city in ruin. The collapse of society. A struggle for survival. This is the theme of Ubisoft’s highly anticipated title, Tom Clancy’s The Division®. Is Canada ready to face this reality?

Ubisoft today announced INFECTED, a shocking three-part documentary series in partnership with VICE Media, as well as the creative, collaborative ‘Fall of Canada’ platform, where Canadian fans and artists can share their best artistic depictions of a fictional Canada facing the spread of a deadly disease.

“The Tom Clancy’s The Division® game presents a fictional universe that challenges us as an individual and a society: how would we react if facing a pandemic? Are our hospitals and institutions ready for such a possibility? What does a chaotic Canada look like?” said Lucile Bousquet, Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications, Ubisoft Canada. “These are the questions we asked the VICE team, but also our fans and Canadian artists, which they can answer in their own way: by a realistic documentary or an artistic depiction of a fiction.”

Ubisoft has partnered with VICE Media for a three-part documentary series, INFECTED, featuring Canadian experts and inspired by Tom Clancy’s The Division®.

The first episode of INFECTED will be live on January 21, 2016; please see below for specific episode details and timing:

Part 1: Is Canada at a risk to be hit by a major pandemic? Live online January 21, 2016
We all know what the flu feels like. But what if you contracted a mutated flu virus so severe there's a 40 percent chance you wouldn't survive? VICE’s correspondent speaks with medical experts convinced we may be overdue for a repeat of a virus similar to the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic that infected a third of the world's population and wiped out 50 million people. On our journey VICE talks to an expert in mathematical modelling of disease and zombies, and pays a visit to the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg—the only lab of its kind in Canada, housing the most dangerous viruses in the world.

Part 2: How are everyday citizens and the Canadian government getting ready for the next pandemic? Live online February 2, 2016
In part two of INFECTED, VICE Media meets with ‘preppers’ Robert Studer of Survival Central, and Bruce Beach of Ark2, one of the largest manmade underground bunkers in the world, to see how they're getting ready for what could be the next super-flu pandemic. We also meet Dr. Camille Lemieux from Infection Prevention and Control Canada to find out how Canada is prepared in the event a deadly pandemic shows up on our doorstep.

Part 3: If a pandemic hits Canada’s borders, are we prepared? Live online February 9, 2016
Is Canada ready to handle the sort of super virus that has many scientists worried? In the final chapter of INFECTED, VICE’s team visits Ottawa General Hospital's “Ebola Room” and speaks with Dr. Virginia Roth about what protocols are in place to handle deadly infectious diseases. VICE’s correspondent also speaks with German physicist Dirk Brockmann, who studies human mobility patterns to find out how infectious diseases spread in our globalized world.

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The Collapse of Canada in 30 days: Ubisoft’s latest campaign walks the line between fiction and reality + gaming