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LV= Car Insurance TV advert: Make it Better

Rushes are proud to have recently worked closely with Designate and Dirty Films director Eli Sverdlov, to create the new LV= commercial ‘Make It Better’.

Extensive VFX and CG elements were employed to realise the spot, which shows a family in their damaged car being carried by hot air balloons to an LV= repair factory, whilst a team of fun quirky animated robots and machines quickly and efficiently mend the car and put back on the road.

Creative Credits:
Agency: Designate
Agency Producer: Emma Johnston
Creative Director: Daniel Fagg
Art Director: Faye Carré

Production Company: Dirty Films
Director: Eli Sverdlov
Producer: Alex Bedford

CG Supervisor/Lead : Andy McNamara
Design Lead: Barry Corcoran
Shoot Supervisors: Leo Weston, Andy McNamara,
Barry Corcoran
Concept Design: Jean-David Solon,
Domhnall Malone
Producer: Jules Pye
Production Coordinator: Olli Whitworth
Colourist: Denny Cooper
CG: Craig Travis, Nimesh Patel, Adam Lindsey,
Mark Woodcock, Robert Millin, Gerald Crome, Gary Cureton,
Linda Johnson, Ryan Passmore, Zahra Al Naib
VFX: Jonathan Hicks, Brian Carbin, Richard Russell,
Lorenzo Newell
Nuke: Noel Harmes, Sarah Breakwell, Sandra Roach

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