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My business travel to Beijing

Beijing Airport

China — the big country with very considerable quantity of the population... and if you did not know this feature, on an arrival at the airport — you will all understand.

For the Big Population — the Big Airport!

And not because at the airport is a lot of people. On the contrary — air terminal half empty. But the grandiose sizes of the airport truly impress...
My business travel jet from London arrives full of passengers, but the crowd of newcomers remains imperceptible in these huge spaces, only small visibility of activity — the Beijing Capital International Airport is truly huge.

International Airport, Beijing

At the Beijing Capital International Airport rather mobile passport control. Thus number of working frontier guards depends on number of newcomers. Controllers work politely, without long and steadfast passport control. In some minutes the platform before passport control becomes empty and on the workplaces there are only 2-3 frontier guards. Thereupon it is rather convenient to use the flight status because you can be assured that your airplane will arrive without delays.

Further we need to take luggage. But, for luggage reception — is necessary going to other building. For this purpose we go down in "the local underground" and... — a compact train rush us through an airport building. We are again convinced that an airport building not simply big, — but is Very Big! At last we arrive in the necessary stop and go to receive luggage.

Airport in Beijing

The luggage comes in some minutes, melancholy and long expectation is not present. The following action stage — the Exit. On a way we meet customs officers with doggies of guarded breeds. Thanks to ingenious service of the WorldMate our excursion has taken place without delay and other troubles!

Right Train in the Beijing Airport

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My business travel to Beijing + WorldMate