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Sex, Drugs, Rock'N'Roll!

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Entertainments For Carefree People

The international club of travel «Club 18-30» — the British tourist agency which 30 years exist. «The purpose of our rest — entertainments, dances and to fuck every day. The meal is not important, we only eat the minimum, sandwiches or hamburgers», — members of club speak. About audience of club speak not only scandalous prints, but also the name — «Club 18-30», it's middle age of target audience of club — from 18 till 30 years.

Night club
Pool party

The guaranteed wine parties, night clubs, private beaches! Thus the club lodges the members in cheap hotels, thus they spend more money directly on entertainments. Paraphrasing classic slogan — sex, drugs, rock'n'roll in a non-stop regime.

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Sex, Drugs, Rock'N'Roll! + travel