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International Conference: Ancient Cultures in the Lands of the Bible

The Land of the Bible - a tiny strip of land located in the center of all the major ancient cultures of the Near East, from Babylon, Assyria and the Land of the Hittites in the north, to Egypt in the south - is literally built upon layers of history. Wherever you scratch the surface, you unearth ancient ruins where historical events took place. At the same time, Israel of today is a modern society of scientific technology and high-tech entrepreneurs, offering incredible archaeological potential and ability.

International Conference: Ancient Cultures in the Lands of the Bible
This combination of archaeological finds literally popping out of the earth, and the capabilities to scientifically analyze the finds and their context, has led to remarkable achievements, and will continue to do so in the future. However, there still remains much to be uncovered, as the Lands of the Bible have not yet revealed to us all their secrets.

The International Conference on Archaeology in Israel and the Ancient Near East is a unique celebration of 50 years of scientific archaeological excavation and research.

Aims of the Conference

The Conference, which will take place in Jerusalem in June 2015, will bring together various insights accumulated by different researchers in the framework of their archaeological study of cultures within the Mediterranean region and the ancient Near East.

As a continuous meeting point between different cultures, often in situations of peace and commerce, and sometimes in conflict situations, this region gave birth to consequences and effects that went beyond the borders of local cultural influence.

Among the objectives of this conference is to present and bring archaeological evidence on the extent of those effects and to understand the processes that created it.

The conference will serve also as a platform to display new studies that were made during recent years, and will enable to present parallel studies that took place outside of the region - but are relating to it.

Call for Papers

The scientific committee of the conference invites participants to submit abstracts on the topics outlined in the accompanying list presented on this web site. Additional subjects related to the main topics of the conference are also welcome.

Abstracts (in English) for individual paper presentations or symposiums should not exceed 200–300 words and must include the name of the presenter, his/her affiliation and the type of presentation (paper or symposium). Proposed posters can be submitted as text or PDF file. A short biography or C.V. can be added together with the abstract in a separate file.

The deadline for abstract`s submission is 30 October 2014.

For more information visit the Ancient Cultures in the Lands of the Bible website.

Source: Archaeology Israel [September 30, 2014]

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