The Best Guide [2016-01-17

  • Hagia Sophia remains top tourist attraction of Turkey

  • Delos museum construction plans approved

  • The Naples National Archaeological Museum a trove of ancient artefacts

  • Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story

  • Salonica at the British Museum and the British Museum in Thessaloniki

  • 18.2 million people visited Mexico’s archaeological and cultural treasures in 2011

  • More Stuff: German treasure hunter finds Roman gold hoard

  • More Stuff: Giza pyramid vandalized to prove 'alien theory'

  • North America: Reward offered for information on looting at Native American site

  • New Israel archaeology archive launched online

  • Olympian world of the Greek gods recreated at the Roman-Germanic Museum in Cologne

  • Met Museum spotlights American Indian art

  • 'Roman Empire: Power And People' at The McManus Art Gallery and Museum, Scotland

  • ‘The Golden Byzantium and the East’ exhibition to be presented in Austria

  • 'Viking Voyagers' at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall

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