The Best Guide [2016-02-07

  • More Stuff: Greek police arrest man in possession of artefacts

  • "Exploring Art of the Ancient Americas" exhibition features artwork from Mexico to Peru

  • Israel Museum presents first exhibition on King Herod

  • Near East: UN urges halt to attacks on Syria's cultural sites

  • Near East: U.S. to return smuggled antiquities to Egypt

  • Copper Age crown, the world's oldest, to go on display in Manhattan

  • 'Papyri from Karanis: Voices from a multi-cultural society in ancient Fayum' at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

  • Palaeontology: US man indicted in theft of dinosaur footprints

  • 'Beneath the Surface: Life, Death, and Gold in Ancient Panama' at the Penn Museum, Philadelphia

  • In Search of Greece at the British Museum

  • Near East: Leiden researchers robbed of Syrian artifacts

  • Treasures of Macedonia at Pella Museum

  • Writing for Eternity: decoding Ancient Egypt' at the Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery

  • Near East: Byzantine church in eastern Turkey used as stable

  • Dead Sea Scrolls get new life

  • Masks, tombs and a theater: discovering ancient Myra

  • Ancient Sicily offers a glorious guide to classical Europe

  • 'Rediscovering Harappa: Through the Five Elements' at Lahore Museum, Pakistan

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