The Best Guide [2016-01-24

  • Delphic Letters: Journey through the old epigraphs of the pan-Hellenic sanctuary

  • ACM showcases Tang Dynasty artefacts from 9th century shipwreck

  • 'Sleeping Eros' at the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art

  • Exploring the Tur Abdin a forgotten treasure of southeastern Turkey

  • 'Beyond Beauty: Transforming the body in ancient Egypt' at Two Temple Place, London

  • "The 7 Most Endangered” Monuments in Europe programme launched

  • Near East: Smuggled amphoras returned to Turkey

  • Hajj: Journey to the heart of Islam at the British Museum

  • Spain: Spain re-opens Altamira Cave to public

  • Heritage: Ancient Buddhist caves in China could ‘turn to sand’

  • History of Hagia Sophia at Hellenic Cosmos VR 'Tholos' Theatre, Athens

  • More Stuff: Carbon dating uncovers forged Cubist painting

  • “Nautilus: Navigating Greece” exhibition opens in Brussels

  • Italy displays stolen artworks recovered by police

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