The Best Guide [2017-01-22

  • More Stuff: Looter nabbed at Greek temple site near Crotone

  • More Stuff: Old manuscripts get facelift at Jerusalem mosque

  • More Stuff: Sicilian sites to get UNESCO World Heritage status

  • UK: Metal detectors labelled as 'criminal damage night-hawks'

  • More Stuff: Antiquities to remain on site at Thessaloniki Metro

  • Near East: Israel's plans for West Bank archaeotourism criticized

  • More Stuff: Identity matters: Archaeology made obscure in Punjab

  • More Stuff: Cairo bombing damages historical monuments

  • Peru: Work to protect Chan Chan from rains completed

  • More Stuff: Italy displays stolen artworks recovered by police

  • More Stuff: Archaeological treasures 'stolen' in France

  • Southern Europe: Italy and Britain wrangle over seized’ artefacts

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