The Best Guide [2016-07-17

  • 'Ancient DNA: Window to the past and the future' at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

  • Great Olmeca Treasures on View at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City

  • Evidence suggests Chinese civilization even more ancient

  • Musée Maillol Announces Exhibition of Treasures of the Medicis

  • Ceramics from the Qinglong town excavations to be displayed at the Shanghai Museum

  • Algeria’s Timgad Roman ruins: A "Numidian Pompeii"

  • What Lies Beneath? Archaeology in Action at the Museum of London

  • 'Mindful Hands: Masterpieces of Illumination from the Fondazione Giorgio Cini' in Venice

  • Mammoth skeleton on show in Acapulco

  • 'Faces and Voices' exhibition at The John Rylands Library

  • Pre-Columbian Gold and Jade Jewelry at the Faberge Museum in Germany

  • Sicily cancels a major exhibition of ancient treasures at the Cleveland Museum of Art

  • Tales in the rock

  • Golden torc on display at Ulster Museum

  • 'Alexandria the Divine' at the Martin Bodmer Foundation in Switzerland

  • The story beneath the ruins...

  • Rhodes: Living up to the romantic myth

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